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The Department of Civil Engineering integrates education, research and professional service in areas related to civil infrastructures. The courses and research interests of the department are divided into the following four major fields:

The research fields include high performance concrete, lightweight concrete, nondestructive testing, seismic analysis and design, steel structures, structural mechanics and analysis, components reinforced concrete, composite materials, recycled building materials, and green building materials, etc. The major experimental facilities (laboratories) include materials lab, cement lab, large structure lab, small structure lab, nondestructive testing lab, and monitoring lab, etc.
The research fields include disaster prevention and associated countermeasures for scouring of bridge foundation, coastal and harbor engineering, wind engineering, sediment problem, irrigation and drainage engineering, flood detention calculation, etc. The major experimental facilities (laboratories) include fluid mechanics lab, coastal and harbor engineering lab, bridge foundation scouring and laser measurement lab, channel mechanics lab, wind tunnel lab, and rainfall and laser lab, etc.
The research fields include slope engineering, soil liquefaction, soil mechanics, gravel mechanics, pavement engineering, groundwater engineering, earthquake engineering and tunnel engineering. The major experimental facilities (laboratories) include soil mechanics and pavement engineering lab, rock mechanics lab, soil-dynamic lab, groundwater engineering lab, geological engineering lab and geotechnical earthquake engineering lab, etc.
The research fields include aerial photogrammetry, remote sensing (RS) and image processing, geographical information system (GIS), geodesy and deformation measurement, satellite positioning, construction project management (CM), cost management of construction projects, etc. The major experimental facilities (laboratories) include surveying instruments storeroom, photogrammetry lab, remote sensing lab, GIS lab, and geoinformatics lab, etc.